Not Sure When I’ll Be Back

My blogs, twitter etc. are all going to have to be put on hold for the time being and not sure when I’ll be back. I don’t normally speak about personal stuff on social media but felt I had to explain why I was doing this.

My husband’s cancer has returned and we are not sure where it is all going. What we do know is that it will involve a lot of ongoing treatments over the next few months. On top of this, I have elderly parents with no end of health problems who depend on our help for their day to day needs. My father is more or less completely immobile and cannot be left on his own, my mother had a double mastectomy three years ago and at present is waiting for results of a biopsy. To put it mildly, I am finding it really difficult holding it all together.

Over the last three years it is my writing that has kept me going, kept me sane. At the moment I just don’t seem to be able to get my head together. My concentration isn’t good at the best of times but at present I have the concentration of a gnat. Obviously, at the moment I have to give my husband Brian my full attention and we are having to sort out emergency strategies for my parents.

I would like to thank everybody for visiting, liking and commenting and hope it won’t be too long before I come back.

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2 Responses to Not Sure When I’ll Be Back

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles, Jacqueline. No wishing on my part will make it easier, but know that I’m thinking of you. It sounds flippant, but try to keep writing. Pouring your heart out on paper is good therapy.

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  2. jcnashpoems says:

    Thank you so much Jane, and no it’s not flippant at all, I will try to fit in writing when I can, don’t think I could ever stop completely. xxx


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