Micropoem by Boiarski

In spring, when white
apple blossoms fell, I thought
of snow. Now, snowflakes falling
thru empty apple boughs,
I think of white blossoms.

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3 Responses to Micropoem by Boiarski

  1. So true. May I reblog to “Tales of Unwise Paths?”


  2. jcnashpoems says:

    I’m pleased you like this micropoem by Boiarski. All micropoetry that is not my own (Jacqueline Nash) is selected from Twitter, the person is credited and a link is added to direct readers to that persons Twitter page; I also notify the person to let them know. Twitter poets seem to be very happy with this. I will leave it up to you whether to reblog or not, I can’t really speak for the poets I feature. If it were me however, I would feel very flattered for a piece of my work to be reblogged.

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  3. I also prefer to only reblog with permission first. I never thought of looking for poetry on Twitter. Good suggestions. Thank you.

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